Previous NAAA Members

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All appraisers who were members of the NAAA can apply for PAAO appraiser status. To complete registration fill out the form below.   It is simple to complete and is important for all who wish to transition to the PAAO to complete the process as soon as possible.

Submission of this registration does not guarantee acceptance in The Professional Aircraft Appraisal Organization.  All information submitted will remain confidential and reviewed by a board of aircraft appraisers for acceptance or rejection.  The final decision to accept or reject an applicant are not reviewable.  False or misleading statements will be grounds for rejection.  Incomplete applications or information which was requested and not submitted may also be grounds for rejection.  All applicants will be required to undergo a background check prior to approval.  Each person registering will be charged $20 to complete this check.  Felony convictions will be grounds for rejection.  By authorizing the charge on your credit card, you have agreed to these terms and conditions. 

The PAAO will require a $300.00 initial fee payable by Pay Pal, Credit Card, or Check.  The normal monthly dues for membership will be based on the level of the Appraiser.  A basic appraiser will be at $75.00 / month. A Senior Appraiser will be based at $85.00 /  month.  All dues are billed on the 20th day of the month following an accepted application and are due on the 1st day of the month.  Failure to honor the payments will result in suspended privileges under the PAAO!

Please complete the transition application:

Copy of USPAP Certificate